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Success Factor Architecture

Our Services for you: Consulting - Planning - Construction

Upon request we offer the whole range of services demanded by architects. After discussing the building task, this begins with the evaluation of the property, regarding the suitability in terms of the construction law, nature and location. The following is a preliminary draft, in which the ideas and concepts are developed. At this stage, we are already in close contact with the approval authorities, in order to determine the feasibility of the design at an early stage and to adapt the plans in time. Possible corrections and further elaboration then lead to the final draft and to the application for construction permit. The very basis for the execution of construction works is formed by the detailed planning. Every little detail is shown in a scale from 1:50 up to 1:1. Finally, the tendering and awarding of contractors follow with the aim of finding the most suitable companies for you. We then accompany and check the execution up to final completion.

Project Management and Cost Control

Besides architecture and design we consider the execution of the work as a particularly important phase of the project, because here it is important to implement the requirements of the planning with the required quality of detail. To us, a frequent presence on the site is just as important as a continuous contact with the clients and the contractors. This way, reoccurring problems in daily construction schedule can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The exact planning schedule, tracking and monitoring of the work up to the final acceptance allows us an optimal cost control. From the beginning, you are accompanied by employees, especially entrusted with the cost calculation and control of your project. This begins even before the first draft with a rough cost estimation and budgeting, so you know what to expect. The project's success is not only measured by great architecture but also by compliance with your budget.

Together for the Optimum

Architecture is a complex matter, in which at any time of the project, many aspects must be considered. We support our customers from the very beginning and are attentive and accompany you all the way. We invest a lot of time to communicate our ideas and take an active part in the selection of necessary planners, equipment, products and materials. We combine and coordinate all decisions and ensure reliable documentation as a basis of construction; regardless of whether the project is awarded as one to a general contractor or directly to manufacturers and handcraft enterprises.