Anna Philipp - Philipp Architekten BDA wins the German Design Award 2020

Anna Philipp convinced the jury members with the design of a villa in the Hochtaunus region close to Frankfurt and received the "German Design Award 2020 Winner" within the category "Excellent Architecture". The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council. Its aim is to discover, present and award unique design trends. Every year, therefore, top-class submissions from the fields of product and communication design, which are pioneers in the international design landscape, are awarded prizes. The German Design Award, which was initiated in 2012, is one of the most recognized design competitions worldwide and enjoys a high reputation far beyond the specialist circles. Since its premiere, the award has grown strongly. This year, more than 1.500 entries from Germany and abroad were counted for the "Excellent Architecture" competition area. The quota of international submissions was around 55%. The award winners were selected in a complex selection process by a jury of design experts from business, academia, science and industry from various disciplines. The official award ceremony will take place on 7th of February next year as part of the „Ambiente“ trade fair in Frankfurt am Main.

The award-winning design by Anna Philipp asserted itself above all through its unique design quality in the interplay of interior and exterior. From the first rays of sunshine in spring and far into the “German Indian Summer”, the boundaries between inside and outside merge, so that nature takes up space and shapes the ambience of the villa with its seasons. Anna Philipp and her team of passionate architects and interior designers planned the entire interior design including bespoke furniture, furnishing and the lighting concept, as is typical of the holistic approach of Philipp Architekten. Noteworthy with the award-winning project is the skilful and playful contrast between modern and antique design elements. The jury also concluded: "The design, with its two cubic volumes positioned at right angles to each other and one on top of one another, not only appears elegant, but also leads to a highly interesting and fascinating interior concept. In addition the hillside location provides very beautiful views". It is also remarkable and innovative that the extremely modern building was erected using an ecological timber-frame-construction and that wood fibers were even used as insulation in the compartments of the construction. In this way, more than 50 tons of CO2 are stored sustainably and the residents can enjoy a healthy indoor climate.

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