NEW OFFICE - new office location in Frankfurt a.M.

Frankfurt, April 01, 2019 - Philipp Architekten BDA opens new office in Frankfurt am Main Germany

For more than 30 years we have been realising architecturally demanding projects throughout Germany and beyond. Over the years, a focal point has developed in the booming Rhine-Main region, which we now take into account with the opening of our second office location next to Schloss Waldenburg in Frankfurt am Main. Our customers in the greater Frankfurt area benefit from short distances and quick reactions when looking at the construction sites. At the same time, we appreciate Frankfurt's central location in Germany and its excellent international connections through the airport as a springboard for the further internationalization of our office. The new offices are in a very attractive location in the centre of Frankfurt: Brönnerstraße 22, 60313 Frankfurt am Main. "The constantly high population growth and the resulting high demand for contemporary living space in and around Frankfurt are ideal conditions for us to have a successful start and promising development opportunities in this region," says Anna Philipp. "

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