Entire working life at Philipp Architekten BDA

Philipp Architekten BDA, an architectural firm based in Schloss Waldenburg, has welcomed Manfred Franke into retirement after almost 50 years.

Manfred Franke began his training as a draftsman in 1971, at the former headquarters of the firm in Untermünkheim. Until recently, he was the main execution planner and "technical backbone" of the planning at the architectural firm. The office management and all the teams of both offices from Schloss Waldenburg and Frankfurt honoured him in a summer-night celebration last Friday for his extraordinary work and life achievement. Loyalty and sincerity almost across five decades are no longer a matter of course and was therefore also an essential part of Christopher Philipp's word of thanks. Manfred Franke learned to draw with pencil and ink in the 1970s. It is one of his extraordinary achievements that he has always remained technologically up to date until the end of his work. Over the last few years, he has intensively integrated into the digital planning method "building information modelling", which makes it possible, for example, to work in an interdisciplinary way in a data model or to create a precise cost calculation based on 3D models. Manfred Franke is looking forward to the new phase of his life and the associated freedoms. Office management, colleagues wished him many years of health and vitality in the circle of his family as well as creativity for his much-loved work in the forest. Fortunately for the architectural firm Philipp and its young team, Franke intends to continue to make his expertise available in consulting work in the future.

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