"Kloster 2.0 - Gebetshaus Augsburg" in the AIT Issue 05/19

AIT publishes article "Kloster 2.0" by Anna Philipp in issue AIT 05/19

In the current issue of AIT 05/2019, Anna Philipp describes in her article "Kloster 2.0" the conversion of a former fitness centre in an industrial estate in Ausgburg into a modern prayer house with guest house. Inspiration in times of functionalism? An oasis of faith in the middle of an industrial area? In ancient times monasteries were places of prayer and education on the outskirts of a town or in a landscape. Is this possible today? This is the question that best describes the unique nature and work of the prayer house in Augsburg. Architect Anna Philipp describes the conversion of a former fitness centre into a house of prayer and the most recent extension with a guest house.

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