Lectureship for Anna Philipp

Professor Harald Roser from the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart became aware of Anna Philipp's work via the Internet

He came across your designs on the internet portal world-architects.com and was very impressed. This was followed by a teaching assignment at the HFT Stuttgart in the field of building construction. The students of the Bachelor's programme in Architecture develop their skills on the basis of supervised practical study projects, among other things. The task for which Anna Philipp was won was the supervision of
and correction of the work of such a project. The task of the students was to design and construct a flagship store for a well-known bag manufacturer using double-shell exposed masonry. A plot of land in the midst of Stuttgart 21's fallow railway tracks was planned. The group of young students completed this task with flying colours, thanks to the support of numerous lecturers with practical experience in planning and building. The final presentation took place at the beginning of July. The work was displayed, assessed and evaluated in the corridors. The large number of different results was astounding.

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