Villa Schatzlmayr | Bad im MorgennebelVilla Schatzlmayr | Bad im Morgennebel

Beauty is like a place

you don't want to leave.

Anna Philipp

Beauty is our passion. We love to design places, buildings, rooms, which first and foremost are awarded the title "beautiful". Beauty is the heart of our vocation. Beauty carries a life-affirming power within itself. Beautiful places, beautiful buildings or a beautiful interior touch people in their innermost being; it creates an atmosphere that inspires people, gives them freedom to develop and also positively shapes them. In order to do justice to our holistic responsibility and succeed in creating a harmonious triad of people, nature and architecture, it is our conviction that we can only succeed in creating lastingly beautiful spaces, by taking a broader view,. The uniqueness of architecture is revealed to us by looking at its Greek word root. Architecture is made up of the terms "arché" - beginning, origin, first and "techné" - art, handicraft; and this is exactly where we see its significance and the challenge of all design. It is art and craft at the same time. It is original and contains a creative act within itself. It combines aesthetics and creative demands with craftsmanship and building.