State-of-the-art architecture is built behind historic walls

In the beautiful ambience of Waldenburg Castle, in completely redesigned rooms with modern interior furnishings, we plan, design and realize our custom-made villa and object architecture.

The entire interior concept was renovated, redesigned, extended and equipped with selected interior furnishings. Our aim was to create a pleasant and representative working atmosphere, where the present and the past harmonize rather than compete.

The unusual atmosphere of the entire office is further enhanced by an interesting collection of various art objects such as paintings and sculptures by well-known artists. In cooperation with the Gallery Cyprian Brenner, numerous exhibits were carefully selected and placed in suitable places throughout the entire office. Thus, the visitor is "received" by a life-size sculpture in the form of a young lady from terracotta as soon as he enters the building.

“It is the dialogue of these opposites of past and present. This interplay has a special aesthetic and solves something in a way that can best be described with reverence in a positive sense.”

Anna Philipp