Office building and production hall

The special machine builder "HOLZ Automation" is a family-owned enterprise and a typical representative of the group "hidden champions". Solutions for international corporations and small and medium-sized businesses are developed with Swabian ingenuity.

The building task was to extend the existing business by approximately 2,000 m² of office and production space. To ensure efficient production processes the existing building should be connected to the new building. As part of this, one of the design goals was to make the company more visible from afar. Due to the peripheral position in a commercial area, the idea of the three and a half storey dark gray "tower" was born, which now is already visible from the 500 meters distant main road.

A clear and efficient basic structure of the building developed from the planning objectives to achieve adequate external representation, to create attractive workplaces for employees and strengthen both their social cohesion as well as their cooperation:


The production hall

It can be customized by a variable production structure and procedure to the constantly changing requirements, which is subject to a special machine builder. A bridge element links the new hall with the existing hall. The gap between the halls was designed as a green break zone with seats.


The tower

It is not only a striking visual focus, but at the same time secures the central access inside the building on all three levels. From the entrance level, where the reception for visitors is located, you have a clear view to the very top. There is a huge skylight that illuminates all three levels. Each of these levels is equipped with a spacious, light-flooded foyer.


The office block

It contains attractive and spacious workplaces as a success factor in the competition for qualified employees. To control proceedings, the development engineers are directly connected with the production hall through an observation window. The glazed attic level with a large roof terrace acts as a Customer Zone and is applicable for both internal and external events. With the view of nature, this area is suitable as a "think tank".

The entire building is designed as a low energy building. The south-facing roof of the production hall is equipped with an extensive photovoltaic system. The entire building service is controlled by a central bus system via touch panel. It combines electrical systems and devices, such as lights, air conditioning, heating or automatic blinds to a networked system.

With this project a highly advanced and yet energy-saving and thus resource-efficient building was developed, as a contribution to the increasingly prominent issue of climate protection.