Excursion - October 2019

Frankfurt - Rheingau - Architecture - Culture - Culinary arts

Frankfurt City
Speed-start in an unbelievable 45 seconds of 200m over the rooftops of Frankfurt - the Maintower. Stomach: slightly weak - hairstyle: blown away by the wind - view: stunning. During the architectural city tour we received more interesting insight into contemporary history, reconstruction of the old city and much more - informative, cordial, wonderful! Many thanks to Paul-Martin Lied from guiding architects.

Warm Welcome at Brönnerstraße 22 - Frankfurt am Main
THX - to you, dear Frankfurt-Team - for the great "Welcome" with Sekt & Selters!

Siedlung Römerstadt/ Ernst May Siedlung
Exciting architectural introduction to the "spirit of modernity" the 20's.

Castle Schwarzenstein - beautiful hotel - exclusive cuisine - a magnificent view of the Rhine and the surrounding vineyards - perfect moments

We drive, roll, float almost silently through the vineyards of the Rheingau ... along the Rhine ...it could go on forever like this...

Winery Monastery Eberbach
Mrs Ramy, with a Swedish/Finnish backround, guides and entertains us in such a refreshing way that some people laugh and cry - which is certainly not due to the wine, which of course  we are allowed to taste, because it tastes excellent! Thank you very much, Mrs Ramy.

The warm sunshine - colourful fall leaves below the trees - rays of light over the vineyards - the Rhine in the valley - freeze time, please!

Breakfast deluxe
A little melancholy, but it's time to go - to the homeland, to the loved ones.

Life is beautiful, we think!


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